Adma Stronghold Guide

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Adma Stronghold Guide

Post  Edain on Mon Nov 15, 2010 8:22 pm

So guys, here is guide "How to run Adma"

Necessary classes for Adma are Gladiator/Templar, Cleric. Other are best u can have, but Ranger or Sin would be good. Try to use Running Scrolls at every run, it is good help while running between bosses.

Map of instance:

After enter, all get buffed, tank can start run and aggro all mobs on way(healers try to heal a bit Very Happy ), and run to first spot(end of yellow line). At end, tank and others who got aggro die(no one hit any mob!!).
Ress all and rest.

After rest, u will stand against mob in front of doors(kill him) and other behind doors(kill him too). Behind doors is space like this.

Ranger, or someone with bow should go there and go as close as possible to that wall on left side
(red-circled). Now turn camera against wall and use autotarget(TAB) to target Butler Luitard. Attack him with autoattack and run back to teammates. No one hit butler or any mob who come with him, only Cleric/SM/Sorcer must be redy to dot butler with any dot, as soon as possible, after rangers death. Then w8 till dot hit him 1 time and he come alone. He have some nasty skills like paralize so let tank to do some DMG on start.

After Butler's death continue running like blue line. Again, tank get all agro on way, others follow him. Run to the end of blue line. There is another boss, Princess. She is hardest boss in adma without good tactics.

Ranger go to the middle of room like red arrow shows, and hit princess with autoattack. She should come alone.

Ranger come back and tank get aggro. Tank must start run from side to side immediately(red arrow on picture) and keep hitting. Dont stop running. If she will have little stop she cast some of her nasty AOE with 5000 DMG. Dispel all players from her dots too.

After tank do some dmg(80% of her life) can others start DPS. All ranged classes stay on this spot. Meele only can follow her and hit.

After kill, continue again (same with tank all way)to orange line. At the end tank and others die but exactly on this spot, because room is full of mobs, and u get aggro easy.

After rest, tank run to corner and aggro boss. Other 3 mobs will come(red circled), but completly ignore them. Only ranger can help with blind trap on mobs. Try to kill her fast, she have skills for MP stealing, and sleep. Need massive healing.

After kill continue across red line to it's end. There is room with boss Captain Mundrive.

Again job for ranger/sin. Go to the middle of room in HIDE and autoattack boss. There will other mobs come too, so run back to friends(again no one attack). After ranger's death cleric/SM/sorc dot boss(same as first boss), and w8 till he come. Tank get aggro and tank him in this corner. If some mobs come, ignore them.

Again follow green line. This one is long so make pauses on safespots(all die on safespot and cleric ress, rest and go). At the end are doors and behind it is last boss Lord Lannok.

So on spot no.1: healers, casters
spot no.2: ranger
spot no.3: meele+tank
Tank need to get boss on spot 3. Never use any AOE skills on large area in middle of room(red circled), because there are some kind of invisible mobs(some bug or what). Boss is easy as shit. Only DPS. At 75% of boss's HP he start using skill DEATH SENTENCE on tank. When tank get this debuff, he have 6 seconds of life, after 6 seconds instant kill. So cleric dispell tank pretty fast, allways when his HP bar is green.

At 25% of HP boss start using Aion Judgement, some kind of Aethers hold. Just keep healing and dispelling.


Butler- blue gauntlets for all classes, gold accesories, greens of all kind
Princess- blue pants for all classes, gold accesories, greens of all kind
Maid- blue pauldrons for all classes, gold accesories, greens of all kind
Captain- blue boots for all classes, gold accesories, greens of all kind
Lannok- blue and green chest for all classes, gold necklace, gold weapons of all kind

Good luck at all Adma runs Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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